What danger do autumn leaves pose?
Dogs love autumn leaves! You can play with them with your foot, or you can bury your head in them. Be sure to take a picture of your pet in…

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Animal protection, or is it Ethical to suppress your dog's instincts?
The trend of modern European zoos is to promote the preservation of "captive" animals, at least to some extent, of their natural behavior. The direct purpose of such assistance is…

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The dog is not only a friend, but also the owner's guard!
Every person who wants to have a pet is faced with the future responsibility for someone else's life and must carefully approach the choice of a tailed friend for himself.…

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The most non-dominant dogs

A dog is fine, but the fur throughout the apartment is not very good. It not only complicates cleaning and “refills” all the food on the table, but also provokes allergic reactions. That’s why “non-dominant” dog breeds are so popular today. But let’s see, do dogs really exist without molting? And what breeds to pay attention to if the difficulties with wool are not yours?

Are there dogs that don’t shed?
Non-compliant dogs are a myth. That’s news, isn’t it? In the world, there are simply no dogs that do not shed at all, because updating the coat is a completely natural and normal process. Continue reading

How to train a dog to the toilet?

Who decided to get a dog at home, immediately ask the question: “how to teach a new friend to the toilet, write and poop in a strictly designated place?”. After all, it is very important not to miss a delicate moment in the upbringing of a dog. The main thing in this process is to be patient. Although dogs are smart animals, sometimes they need to repeat the information several times for effective training. As in the well-known saying “time and labor all peretrut”.
Do not rush to punish the puppy for making a “puddle” and try to refuse the “whip” method altogether. Punishment can hurt and then you will not get positive results. Success will be achieved only if the owner himself shows the dog affection, patience and of course perseverance. Continue reading


International competitions S. A. C. I. OB

I Rules on participation, management and judging

II Practical activities (preparations) and equipment

III jury Decision

IV General provisions and guidelines for performing and evaluating competitive exercises

V. Exercises of the international standard for checking the execution of commands: execution and evaluation criteria Continue reading

How to train a dog?
After purchasing a dog, many owners think about training it. They want you to wear Slippers, give your hand, and protect yourself when necessary. You can train your dog on…


Training of dogs
Perhaps each of us once in childhood dreamed of a dog. In fact, a dog is not only a loyal friend, but also a lot of new problems. After all,…


10 rules of dog training
Many dog owners want to expand the capabilities and abilities of their pet. Of course, you can resort to the help of a dog handler, in this case, the training…


How often do I wash my dog in the fall?
What means for bathing to use? Autumn is a great time. That's just walking with a pet turns into a real test. Before you get out of the house, it's…