How to choose a veterinary clinic and veterinarian?
Imagine that each pet would have a competent and responsive veterinarian attached to it, along with a modern clinic with the latest equipment. How many problems would be solved then!…

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The most non-dominant dogs
A dog is fine, but the fur throughout the apartment is not very good. It not only complicates cleaning and "refills" all the food on the table, but also provokes…

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And how will your puppy grow up?
Raising a dog is not an easy task. Sometimes, taking a small puppy into the family, the new owner does not even think about its training. But several months pass...…

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International competitions S. A. C. I. OB

I Rules on participation, management and judging

II Practical activities (preparations) and equipment

III jury Decision

IV General provisions and guidelines for performing and evaluating competitive exercises

V. Exercises of the international standard for checking the execution of commands: execution and evaluation criteria Continue reading

Basic rules for raising an obedient pet

When bringing a new tenant (a puppy or a kitten) into the house, first of all, you must be aware that this is a big responsibility. First, it needs to be cared for, fed, and given warmth and tenderness. Second, raise a well-behaved and obedient family member.

The educational process of a puppy is quite difficult and requires a lot of effort and patience on the part of the owner. So, what you need to know about raising animals.

1. It is necessary to start education from the first minutes of finding the baby in the house, but in any case do not train (this can affect the nervous system). Continue reading

My favorite Russian toy Terrier

These small, cute and elegant dogs of the Russian toy Terrier breed become a full-fledged part of the family as soon as they cross the threshold of the house. Animals immediately have their appearance, because they look like a small toy. Dogs of this breed do not let their owners get bored at home. They are kind, active, and mischievous. For some features of breeding and cultivation, they are called pied pipers. But, before you get yourself a Russian toy Terrier, you need to learn more about the characteristics of the dog’s character and the necessary nuances for caring for it.

The history of the origin of this Terrier originates from the times of medieval England. Then the task of the dog was the extermination of rats and mice, with which they coped perfectly. Looking at them, it is difficult to imagine that these decorative dogs are hunters. Continue reading

How often do I wash my dog in the fall?
What means for bathing to use? Autumn is a great time. That's just walking with a pet turns into a real test. Before you get out of the house, it's…


Standards and assessment of WCS
Generalities 1. The minimum age allowed is 18 months. 2. Skills are checked in the security guard service: - selecting someone else's item; - protection and rejection of feed (checked…


How to understand that the dog is cold?
Autumn and winter are cold times. And not only for us, but also for Pets. To avoid complications, it is important to know the first signs of a cold in…


Why does a dog's hair fall out in winter?
Seasonal molting occurs in spring and autumn. But why do many dogs shed in the middle of winter? Why does the wool fall out and fade in the cold? Is…