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Private Dog Training

Most problems you may be having with your dog will be solved in our Group  Dog Obedience Classes through Albemarle Parks and Recreation. We suggest you attend those classes before spending your money on expensive Private Training.

Remember, no 2 dogs are alike. It might take your dog longer to learn than others. We give no guarantee on how long it will take for your dog to learn what it needs to learn.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are one-on-one classes designed for you and your dog with our Dog Trainer. These classes are taught outside when the weather is acceptable. You have 3 different options for this training method.

30 minute individual class - $50 each
8 Prepaid Classes - $350
8 Prepaid Classes Plus
APR Beginner 1 classes - $475

Boot Camp

Boot Camp Training is when you send your dog to come stay with us for training. Because the dog will be staying with us for a lengthy period of time this is will cost more and you will be without your dog a some time. This is for busy dog owners who just don't have to time to train their dog and need help in getting started with dog training. You will need to devote some time to training your dog after we have smoothed over the rough edges.

We have 2 options for Boot Camp. A 3 Week Boot Camp  which includes 3 weeks board and training, 2 personal training lessons for 1 owner. Or a 6 Week Boot Camp which includes 6 weeks board and 3 personal training lessons for 1 owner.

3 Week Boot Camp - $750
6 Week Boot Camp - 1200

We strongly suggest you enter one of the Group Dog Obedience Classes at the Albemarle Parks and Recreation after we have finished training your dog. These classes are designed for you to have the well balanced, basic obedience skills that will help you gain better control of your dog and will make you and your dog more at ease when around other people and dogs.

Please call us during office hours to get help training your dog. 
Phone - 704-982-0322


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