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How often do I wash my dog in the fall?
What means for bathing to use? Autumn is a great time. That's just walking with a pet turns into a real test. Before you get out of the house, it's…

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How to choose a veterinary clinic and veterinarian?

Imagine that each pet would have a competent and responsive veterinarian attached to it, along with a modern clinic with the latest equipment. How many problems would be solved then! But in reality, finding a good clinic and a competent veterinarian is the task of every responsible owner. Not worry. We will tell you how to do it!
Good health is the Foundation of a happy life. But it is formed not only from the genetic data of the pet and the quality of care for it, but also from regular monitoring of the body’s condition. Unfortunately, most often the veterinarian is contacted when the problem is already there, and this is wrong. First, diseases are easier to prevent than to treat, and secondly, in an emergency, it is not up to the choice of specialists – here you turn to the one who is closer and more accessible.

The right approach is when the veterinary clinic and veterinarian are chosen in advance, in a calm atmosphere, and preferably before the pet appears in the house. Having determined with a specialist in advance, you will be able to bring your pet to the first inspection in a comfortable environment and calmly observe it in the future.

How to choose a veterinary clinic and a veterinarian? Let’s look at the main criteria.

How to choose a vet clinic?
How to choose a veterinary clinic?
What qualities should a good veterinary clinic have? What to pay attention to when choosing? Take note of these points:

The clinic must be registered with the regional veterinary authority. The presence of registration indicates that the clinic meets the standards and can offer veterinary services. Illegal or semi-legal clinics, for example, cannot provide rabies vaccination. Be careful!

License availability
If the clinic is engaged in the storage and sale of medicines, it must have the appropriate license. Pay attention to this.

The exterior of the building
It is not necessary that the clinic is new and looks like a castle. But it should at least be clean. If you do not like being in the clinic, it is better to look for another option.

The latest equipment in the veterinary clinic will be a huge plus. The more equipment you have – the more tests and procedures you can do on the spot. The minimum set for the clinic is an ultrasound and x-ray machine.

Team of professionals
The ideal choice is a clinic where not only General practitioners, but also narrow-profile specialists work.

Call the vet clinic and assess the extent of the consultants ‘ knowledge. How quickly did the consultant pick up the phone? How well is he aware of the services? Does he know the cost of procedures? Can I quickly answer questions about the work schedule of specialists? Is he polite enough? All these points may seem insignificant at first glance, but in the future it will be unpleasant to work with incompetent staff.

Pay attention to the staff: do the staff look neat enough? Veterinarians should keep the appointment in gloves and gowns. The operating room should have special lighting, sterile operating tables and containers for tools. But how do I find out about the operating room conditions? Pay attention to the photos on the walls of the clinic. Usually, you can see images from the reception and operating room.

Hospital and infectious diseases Department
The presence of a hospital and infection Department with isolated places for Pets is a huge advantage of the clinic. If necessary, you can leave your pet right here, in reliable familiar hands. You don’t have to take it to a place you first hear about.

How to choose a vet clinic?
Round-the-clock emergency assistance
Health problems are unpleasant. And it is even more unpleasant when urgent help is needed at night. In such cases, panic inevitably overwhelms: where to call, to whom to run? But if you find a clinic that provides round-the-clock care, you will feel safer.

Do not forget about the reviews. Ask people what they think about this vet clinic. Read what they write about it on the Internet. Of course, you should not trust strangers 100%, but it is also useful to know about the reputation of the clinic.

The closer the clinic is to the house – the less stress the pet has and the more comfortable it is for the owner.

The clinic is clear. Now let’s talk about the veterinarian.

How to choose a veterinarian?
Appropriate education
The specialist must have completed veterinary education and have a permit to practice veterinary medicine. Otherwise, how can you trust him with a pet?

Advanced training
Veterinary science is not a static science. It is always developing, new knowledge appears regularly. Therefore, a good specialist always learns. Pay attention to the walls. Usually they hang diplomas, certificates, information about internships. Look at the dates. The most recent certificates should be no more than two years old.

Communication skills and willingness to answer questions
A good doctor tries to work together with the owner of the pet. He will listen carefully, answer questions, explain the meaning of terms, tell you what and why treatment is prescribed. The days when doctors were authoritarian figures and ignored questions are fortunately passing. Run away from these doctors!

Love for animals
A good veterinarian treats Pets carefully. He tries – as much as possible-to reduce the level of stress. Does not make abrupt and rude movements, does not ignore the suffering of animals. Of course, medical manipulations can hardly be called a pleasure, but it is much more pleasant to contact a responsive doctor.

How to choose a veterinarian?
Anamnesis collection, individual approach
A good doctor does not pour diagnoses with half a turn. He should carefully examine the pet and collect anamnesis: ask about the lifestyle, care, health features, previous treatment, etc.If necessary, he will prescribe tests and build an individual treatment plan for a particular pet.

Does not hesitate to seek advice from colleagues
A good doctor is not one who “knows everything himself”, but one who does not hesitate to seek help from a more experienced colleague or a narrow-profile specialist. After all, the health of his tailed clients is at stake.

As in the case of veterinary clinics, reviews will help build an opinion about the doctor.

Well, now you are ready to choose the perfect clinic and doctor?

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