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What is a handling room?

3 life hacks for those who go to the handling room for the first time
Handling room – what is it? Will it help prepare the dog for the exhibition? And whether it is necessary for dogs that do not participate in exhibitions? We will tell about this in our article.

What is handling and who are handlers?
If you have attended dog shows as a participant or guest, you are most likely familiar with the words “handling” and “handler”.

Remember how beautiful dogs look in the ring, how precise and graceful their movements are, how confident they feel. No worse than Hollywood stars! But behind such performances is not only the natural talent of the dog, but also the work of a professional handler.

Handler (translated from English. “trainer”) is a person who accompanies the dog to the performance, presents it to the judges, correctly emphasizing the advantages and hides the shortcomings. Let’s face it: this is not an easy profession. A good specialist finds an individual approach to each dog, builds a trusting relationship with it, trains, and develops a strategy for how to present this particular dog favorably against the background of other participants. But this is not all: many handlers are also excellent groomers. Before the performance, they bring the appearance of the pet to a perfect appearance to emphasize the breed and individual qualities and increase the chances of winning.

Handling is the art of presenting a dog to an expert team. It is believed that this profession originated in the United States. Already in the 19th century, dog shows in America had a Grand scale and it was an honor to visit them. The world was not far behind. The faster the popularity of exhibitions grew, the more valuable good handlers were.

What is handling?
Why do we need handling rooms?
At an exhibition, a dog doesn’t just walk around the ring. It executes certain commands: for example, it makes a stand. To get recognition from the judges, you need a well-developed display, and the dog itself should feel calm and natural in an unfamiliar environment, in front of a large number of spectators.

Even if you have the most courageous dog, it will need a lot of training to perform well. And here come to the aid of handling rooms. Why are they better than a Playground in the yard?

Handling room for a dog is like a gym for a person. It does not have bad weather, and classes will be comfortable at any time. In handling rooms, it is safe, nothing interferes with concentration, nothing distracts the dog’s attention. This is a great platform for training, where you can work out the program and at the same time communicate with like-minded people.

Many of the handling-rooms have mirrors all around the perimeter. They allow you to better control the dog’s movements and determine successful angles. You can find rooms with a grooming salon, a pet store, and even a swimming pool and exercise equipment for dogs. This allows you to solve several tasks at once and saves a lot of time.

Preparing for an exhibition is a complex and time – consuming job, but handling rooms make it much easier. In a special room, it is comfortable for both the dog and the person to work.

Handling room
Handling room-for everyone!
In handling-the halls of the train is not only a show dog. And it is not necessary that the handler should work with them.

Anyone can come here with their pet to repeat or learn new commands, work on the physical shape of the dog, conduct grooming procedures, work out with a dog handler and just have a nice time. For many, handling rooms become a club of interest, where you always want to return.

3 life hacks for those who go to the handling room for the first time
Goodies are the best incentive.
Take a healthy treat with you to encourage your dog in the process. Some manufacturers create special training treats: they are placed in stylish containers that are convenient to throw in a bag and take with you to training (for example, training treats mini-bones “Mnams”). Goodies in containers do not deteriorate, do not dry and retain useful properties for a long time.

You can buy a special handbag for Goodies, which is attached to the belt. This is very convenient during training.

Struggling with stress.
Stock up on toys for the dog – preferably several. Toys will help your pet cope with stress in an unfamiliar environment and give you the opportunity to properly “drive” it to strengthen its physical shape. A great choice, for example,” snowman ” KONG. When hitting the floor, this rubberized toy bounces in an unpredictable direction, stimulating the dog’s interest. By the way, after training, you can fill it with a treat and treat your pet. While he will get treats from the “snowman” and stretch the fun, you can also relax and chat with like-minded people.

We help the dog to socialize.
In an unfamiliar place, even the most courageous and sociable dog can get lost. Help your pet establish contact with other dogs. The easiest way is to involve them in one game. This will help toys for pulling (for example, flexible KONG Safestix, Petstages ropes, zogoflex ropes), various balls and boomerangs for aportirovki. In short, everything that can play two or more dogs and that will not be gnawed in one minute.

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