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Can I have a dog or cat if I have an Allergy?

What should I do if I have an Allergy, but I really want to have a pet? Are there any hypoallergenic breeds? Is there a chance that the Allergy will go away on its own? Let’s put all the dots over the ” and ” in our article.

Is it possible to have a pet with allergies?
The decision to have a pet should be considered. Before you bring your pet into the house, experts recommend making sure that neither you nor other members of your family are allergic to it. With this approach, the problem disappears by itself.

But often the situation develops in a different scenario. The man did not know that he had an Allergy until he brought home a pet. And now he gets a whole set of symptoms: a stuffy nose, watery eyes, sneezing and coughing. What to do in this situation? Where to run? Give the animal back?

It is important to understand what exactly an allergic reaction occurred. The allergen may be hair, skin cells, saliva or feces of the pet. And it happens that the Allergy occurs not on the pet itself, but on its attributes: for example, on a filler or on an antiparasitic spray. There are often cases when a person thought that he was allergic to a cat, but it turned out that the cat had nothing to do with it and the shampoo was to blame. A nice twist!

If you have an allergic reaction, visit an allergist and take tests to identify the allergen. It is better to limit contacts with your pet until you get the results of the tests.

When you know what exactly you have an allergic reaction to, it will be easier to solve the issue of purchasing a pet. If you are allergic to specific animals, you should not start them. If you are allergic to wool – no matter how much you like, for example, fluffy cats – it is better to stay away from them. Health is not a joke!

Can I have a dog with allergies?
Can the Allergy go away on its own?
Allergy is an insidious enemy. Sometimes it manifests itself very acutely, sometimes it subsides, and sometimes it disappears altogether.

A person might never have an Allergy to animals, and suddenly it shows up. Sometimes, the Allergy occurs only on a certain cat, and with the rest you contact normally. Sometimes, a slight allergic reaction occurs at the first contact with the pet, and then passes, and you perfectly live with him in the same apartment and sleep on the same pillow. The body seems to adapt to the allergen and stops responding to it, but this does not always happen. There are many other, opposite, cases where the Allergy accumulated, increased and led to complications: for example, asthma.

A mild allergic reaction may pass by itself and no longer manifest itself, but may give serious complications. Be sure to consult an allergist. Don’t risk your health!

Are there any hypoallergenic cats and dogs?
Hypoallergenic breeds are, unfortunately, a myth. There are no such breeds of cats or dogs that are suitable for all Allergy sufferers without exception.

It’s the allergen. If you are allergic to wool, you can actually get a hairless dog or cat, and everything will be fine. Everything is more complicated if you are allergic to dandruff or saliva. But there are always options. Maybe, if it didn’t work out with a dog or cat, rodents, turtles, parrots or aquarium fish will be perfect for you?

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