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Types of equipment for training dogs

A Playground with training equipment is the best way to train your pet. It makes it possible to develop the animal’s desire to win.

The training equipment consists of a set of obstacles placed sequentially. They differ in parameters and angle of inclination, each is designed for a specific breed of dog, you can order such equipment on the website of the company “Vivana”.

According to the rules of cynology, training shells and equipment are contact and non-contact.
Contact and non-contact training with their complex implementation will help the animal to develop thinking, body plasticity, will encourage to overcome obstacles and cultivate a sense of self-confidence. And, of course, regular classes help to maintain the physical shape of the pet.

Contact shells

The name suggests that the animal contacts these projectiles directly. They can be like this:

It is a hill with sharp ends, which is formed by two shields, each of which is fixed at a different angle. The height varies from 1.5 to 2 meters. The surface of the boards is equipped with cross bars on the type of ladder.

Designed similarly to children’s swings. The training Board is fixed in the center, and the two ends move freely. Overcoming this projectile, the dog balances its own weight. This teaches her to control her body movements.

This is one of the types of slides. It has tips that are essential for lifting and for descent. The Central horizontal surface is designed for movement. Regardless of height and length, the goal of the boom is to train the dog to maintain balance.

Such a projectile has the appearance of a long pipe. The tunnel can be made of fabric, plastic, or metal. The goal of overcoming this obstacle is to help the dog overcome the fear of closed space.

Contactless projectiles
These projectiles are jumping and running. They mean overcoming an obstacle by jumping long or high, as well as by running.

Different types of barriers
They can consist of two vertical struts and an easily knocked-down cross bar. There is also a barrier in the form of a fence and a double barrier.

A type of barrier that is attached to the frame in a suspended form. Even a tire from a car wheel can act in this role. This obstacle is overcome by jumping.

It is a line of vertical racks. Overcome by running on the type of snake.

This is a kind of Playground, the height of which reaches up to 75 cm. the Dog must jump up there and stop for a certain time, before the team.

The use of this or that type of equipment directly depends on the goals set by the dog owner during training. Individual approach to each pet is one of the main keys to success.

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