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E-collar trainer no bark Dogtrener

How does the collar antila: the secrets of using

Dog barking is an element of good home comfort, a touch in the atmosphere of a cheerful friendly family. But so far it has not turned into an annoying noise about and without. Hysterical barking irritates neighbors and dog breeders with more socialized animals. Worse – it irritates the owners, and the love for the dog begins to fade.
Tired of barking? There is only one correct way: raising a calm dog. Two methods of this noble occupation:

Learning the command ” Quiet!”, or its varieties: “be Silent!”or, “Shut up!”. Owners with a sense of humor prefer the hilarious order ” shut up!”.

The use of electronic collars, also known as “antila”.
By the way, the best result is obtained by using both methods simultaneously: the collar + the command ” silence!”.
Principle of operation

An electronic collar is essentially a microcomputer with sensors and a processor. Sensors respond to the sound of barking (more advanced models respond to throat vibrations). The microchip “ponders” whether it was a single” bark ” or another part of a long tantrum. The device sends the dog an appropriate stimulus signal. The animal is unpleasant (but no pain, this is fundamentally important) – and the barking stops.
The modes of application of the modern dog collars are as follows:

audible sound;

ultrasound (not perceived by the human ear);


water or air jet supply;

weak electrical discharges.
In good collars, these functions are combined, and the impact is amplified until the dog understands: the owner is dissatisfied with the barking, it’s time to tie up! Even in advanced cases, after a few weeks, the dog will decide whether to bark at a passer-by and get a well-deserved share of irritation, or it is better to keep quiet and not annoy the owner. But dogs are very smart creatures: the pet will learn the art of being quiet really quickly.
Does it hurt a dog in an electronic collar?

No way! Antila is one of the stimuli in training, like shout or classical technique “paper on the soft spot”. Another example of an irritant is a leash. Training ammunition does not cause pain to the dog, but it limits its behavior, educates obedience. Pain? No, never.
A common myth is that electronic collars affect an animal exclusively with current, and electricity can damage the dog. This is a completely outdated legend: it is more efficient and commercially profitable to produce safe collars without pain.
However, cheap devices from an unknown “uncle Liao” with a price of 5-10 dollars are collected on an elementary basis of terrible quality. Such electrical nodes can quickly collapse and cause other, really harmful effects to the collar. But, most likely, a cheap electric collar will simply fall apart before the fatal destruction of electronics.
How to choose a suitable dog collar trainer no bark, useful tips
Devices with vibration response sensors are better than microphones. They don’t respond to someone else’s barking.

Gadgets with self-learning programs and bells and whistles like an LCD display are more expensive, but it’s hardly a really worthwhile investment. It is more useful to pay attention to the strength and water resistance of the case.
Although an electronic collar is a useful assistant in raising a dog, they are not bought for long. After a few weeks, the device will no longer be necessary, because it will perform its function completely. Why buy the more expensive “antila” on a couple of other breeders is a practical idea.

Popular models with electric action are only needed for dogs with a stable tendency to tantrums. In the usual case, you should limit yourself to the modes of vibration, sounds, and other stimuli.
And finally: any device for dog training only helps the owner, but does not replace his affection, demands and sincere love for the animal.

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