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Double teeth in dogs

During the first year of life, the puppy’s milk teeth are completely replaced by permanent ones. Usually the dog has an “adult” set of teeth by 7 months. But sometimes – most often in small dogs-permanent teeth grow, and milk … remain in place. They don’t fall out as they should. It turns out that the dog’s teeth grow in two rows. Why is this happening and how to deal with the situation?

In dogs of small breeds, because of their size, development in adolescence often occurs in leaps and bounds. It often happens that the molars grow before the milk teeth have time to swing and fall out. They are tightly attached to the milk and form a so-called “double tooth”. This is most often observed when fangs grow.

As a result, many small dogs enter adulthood with a double set of some teeth. This feature gives dogs some discomfort and can negatively affect the formation of the bite.

Double teeth in dogs
What happens to a baby tooth when a permanent one grows?
As the permanent tooth grows, the root base of the milk tooth resolves. The tooth remains “hanging” in the gum, tightly pressed by a permanent tooth, and does not hurry to fall out. Dog in such cases is experiencing discomfort. It is inconvenient for her to use her teeth, she begins to protect her jaw or, on the contrary, tries to chew everything around to get rid of unpleasant sensations.

The dog needs help in this situation. How do I do this?

What to do if a dog has a double tooth?
Rocking baby teeth manually.
If you have a trusting relationship with a dog, you can very carefully shake your baby teeth right with your fingers every day. It is important to do this gently, without hurting the dog or holding it if it breaks free. Over time, this procedure will help the baby tooth fall out, making room for the full development of the molars.

We use special dental toys and high-quality dry food.
Be sure to purchase special dental toys for your dog. These toys are made from a safe rubberized material: it is also used to make baby teethers. While the dog is chewing on the toy, it will affect the gums and the tooth and shake it. Balanced dry feeds work in a similar way. The main thing is to choose the food that suits your pet, including the size of the pellets.

Double teeth
Contact a specialist.
It happens that baby teeth sit very firmly and do not give in to rocking. Or the dog already has painful feelings in connection with double teeth, and it does not allow them to touch. Or doesn’t trust the owner enough yet…

In such cases, the pet must be shown to a doctor. He will either tell you how to ease the condition and speed up the natural loss of a baby tooth, or prescribe and perform an operation to remove it.

It is necessary to remove baby teeth so that they do not interfere with the formation of a proper bite and do not worsen the dog’s health. Do not worry, a good specialist will perform the procedure as carefully and safely as possible for your pet.

Take care of your Pets and let them grow healthy and beautiful!

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