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How to wean a dog from running after cars? Training of dogs

How to wean a dog from running after cars? The animal’s habit of chasing moving objects is quite dangerous. Often these Pets get seriously injured or die under the wheels. In addition, the dog can learn to run not only for cars, but also for cyclists, as well as for people who make runs. In many cases, this ends up causing bites, and the owner has to take responsibility for the behavior of his pet. How to stop such actions of the animal? Are there special training methods for this? These questions will be discussed in the article.
Causes of behavior

Why do dogs run after cars? This behavior is more typical for young animals. This way your pet shows its hunting instinct. The dog perceives a moving object as potential prey and rushes after it in pursuit. These are natural skills that are difficult for the animal to control.
However, in urban conditions, this behavior of the pet is not always acceptable. If you do not stop the propensity to chase transport in time, then in the future the animal may develop undesirable habits. The dog starts chasing cyclists, runners, and cats.
The dog pursues the cat

What breeds tend to run for transport

Many different breeds of dogs rush to the car with a loud barking. However, this behavior is more often observed in hunting dogs, because they have specially developed skills in the process of breeding small prey. The following types of dogs are prone to chasing:



Hunting dogs chase prey

If you do not fight this habit, the dog can overtake and injure a small animal, such as a cat. There were cases of animal attacks on cyclists and runners. Following the hunting instinct, the dog can bite a moving person’s leg. Therefore, if a dog barks at cars and tries to run after them, then this behavior should not be encouraged. Otherwise, you will have to take responsibility for your pet’s aggression.
The dog pursues the cyclist

However, in hunting dogs, this habit is difficult to correct. A long and persistent training of the dog is necessary. Wean your pet from the pursuit of cars is best at a young age. The older the animal, the more difficult it is to change its habits.
What not to do

Before answering the question of how to wean a dog from running after cars, consider the wrong actions of the owners in this situation. Often, pet owners use an electric shock collar. This is highly undesirable. This overly strict method of training will only lead to the opposite result. When an animal feels pain from a current discharge, it may become aggressive towards a moving object.
It is also wrong to ignore this behavior of the pet. If the owner does not react in any way to the dog’s bad habits, the animal perceives this as encouragement. In the future, the tendency to pursue and attack moving objects will only get worse.
Preventing a situation

Usually the pursuit of moving objects is typical for dogs that lead a sedentary life. Therefore, to prevent such a situation, you need to walk your pet as often as possible. These animals need a lot of physical activity and outdoor games. With an active lifestyle, the dog has no energy left to chase moving objects.
Until the pet has developed the necessary skills, you need to take precautions. Near the roadway, the dog should only be walked on a leash.
The reason for this behavior can be a long stay of the animal alone. Therefore, the pet should often be walked on the grounds with other dogs. It was found that the tendency to chase cars is more often observed in dogs with low socialization. Just as often it is difficult to wean a dog to write on the bed, as you can find in this article:
Methods of correction

How to wean a dog from running after cars? At a young age, the method of distraction will help. As soon as the pet began to show interest in cars, you need to contact him, saying his nickname, and offer toys. This will distract his attention from the moving object. You can also pet the dog and offer him a treat. However, this method should be used with caution, because the animal can perceive it as an encouragement.
Distraction of a dog’s attention with a toy

You can also train your pet to a special stop command (for example, “Sit”, “Stand”, or “lie Down”). It should be used during walks, when the dog starts barking at cars. The team must be accompanied by a jerk of the leash.
However, such methods of behavior correction are only applicable to dogs of service breeds. Hunting dogs may not hear commands or respond to distractions during a chase. We need a special approach to such breeds, which we will consider later.
Executing a stop command

Step-by-step training

How to teach a hunting dog to run after cars? In this case, long-term training is required. It is carried out in several stages:

Train your pet together with your partner. You need to offer your assistant to disappear from the field of view of the animal, and then suddenly appear. As soon as the dog sees the person, it is necessary to say the command ” To me!”. As soon as the dog approaches you, encourage him with a delicious meal. While the dog is eating, your assistant should periodically disappear from the area of view, and then suddenly appear. At the same time, it should not approach the animal, but only walk nearby. These actions should be repeated 3-4 times. This will teach the dog to react calmly to the movement of a person.

The trainer’s assistant runs past the dog at a slow pace. You need to immediately give the command ” To me!”without waiting for the dog’s reaction to the running man. After the dog approaches the owner, you need to encourage it with food. This exercise is repeated several times. Then you need to give your pet a rest and offer him a favorite toy. This stage of dog training is very important. It is necessary to get the animal to execute the command without question.

The trainer’s partner runs past the dog at a faster pace than at the previous stage. The owner gives the command ” To me!”and encourages the dog with a treat. First, the assistant must make a run about 20 m from the animal. As soon as the pet learns to respond immediately to the call, this distance can be reduced to 5 m.

The assistant rides past the dog on a Bicycle. The owner calls the dog and encourages it. This way the animal will learn to react calmly to moving objects.
Training of dogs

Dog attack: what to do

What should I do if the dogs attacked the car? How should a motorist behave in such a situation? You need to stop immediately, and then honk the horn. This will scare off the animals and protect them from injury.
If you are riding a bike, and you were attacked by dogs, you must first slow down the speed of movement. But as soon as you come up with an aggressive animal, you need to accelerate sharply and leave. In this case, the dogs will not be able to catch up with you. If this is not possible, then you should stop and talk to the dog in a calm voice. In most cases, this stops the aggression. Such actions will help the cyclist to protect himself from bites and injuries.

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