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Why does a dog need a gym and a swimming pool?

Until recently, gyms and pools for dogs were perceived as a newfangled excess. But it seems so only at first glance. In the rhythm of megacities, with the eternal lack of free time, the remoteness of areas for walking and bad weather, special complexes for training with dogs significantly simplify life. In our article, we will talk more about the benefits of exercise equipment and a pool for Pets and help you prepare for the first lesson.

Modern people spend a lot of time at the computer and in transport, and this does not benefit their health. To make up for the lack of movement and keep fit, we regularly visit fitness clubs. Now imagine our dogs. Nature ordered them to travel long distances every day and get food, but when they are kept in an apartment, they are forced to wait for their owners from work and be content with short walks in the city.

Many Pets suffer from a lack of physical activity and on this basis have problems with overweight, cardiovascular system and musculoskeletal system. To combat these diseases, pools and gyms for dogs were created. This is about the same as rehabilitation centers and fitness clubs for us.

Active loads are necessary for each dog for physical and psychological health.

Let’s list in more detail the tasks that are solved by modern gyms and pools for Pets.

Why do dogs need a gym and a swimming pool?
Maintaining physical fitness. When the owner has little free time, bad weather outside the window or there is no paddock nearby, a gym or a swimming pool come to the rescue. They are comfortable all year round, have everything you need for training with your pet, and you can always get advice from an instructor or other specialist. And also to communicate with like – minded dog breeders.
Even if you don’t have the ability to take your pet out for long walks twice a day, classes with an instructor will provide the level of load that is needed specifically for your dog. Thanks to the individual training program, she will not have a lack of movement and the resulting health problems.

Load on certain muscles. Special simulators and swimming help to use the muscles that are not involved in walking and running, and evenly distribute the load.
Swimming pools and gyms are used in the treatment of dogs with orthopedic, neurological, cardiovascular and other diseases, as well as in rehabilitation after therapy, surgery, childbirth and injuries.

Why does a dog need a pool?
Fight against excess weight. A combination of diet and exercise helps to cope with excess weight. Special areas for training with dogs allow you to provide your pet with an optimal load at any time convenient for the owner and despite the weather conditions.
Joint support. The pool allows you to provide the dog with a soft, reduced load for developing joints.
Improved coordination. Veterinary specialists can prescribe swimming and training on simulators for problems with coordination.
Preparation for the exhibition. If the dog is exposed in the ring, regular classes in the pool or gym will help it stay in peak shape and get the highest scores.
Assistance in education. It is a mistake to believe that the benefits of exercise are only reflected in the appearance of the dog. In the pool or gym, the pet moves a lot and spills out the accumulated energy, which in the opposite case would be aimed at damaging your shoes.
Fighting stress, hyperactivity, and aggression. Exercise helps us cope with stress, not only for us, but also for our dogs. With regular classes, Pets often become more calm and obedient.
Maintenance of immunity. Sport is a great way to strengthen the body’s defenses, reduce the appearance of chronic diseases and reduce the risk of developing new ones.
Why is it safe?
Professional pools and gyms for dogs meet safety standards. There is everything for comfortable classes. The water in the pools is regularly replaced and the shells are disinfected.
Only healthy, vaccinated Pets are allowed to practice. Before the lesson, the veterinarian or instructor examines the dog.
Before visiting the pool, Pets are washed in a special area.
Classes are conducted by experienced instructors who are guided by the individual characteristics of each pet.
In the gym and pool, the owner can attend training sessions or leave the dog with an instructor.

Why does a dog need a gym?
First training session: what you need to know?

So, you are going to the first class in the pool or gym. How to prepare? What should I take with me?

You will need:

Veterinary passport with marks on vaccination and treatment against parasites. The last rabies vaccination should be carried out no more than 1 year ago, and deworming – once a quarter.

Referral of a veterinary specialist and research results. If a veterinarian has prescribed classes in the gym or swimming pool, you will need to take with you the appointment and health data: results of tests and studies, statements of examinations and other references that will help the instructor develop an individual training program.

Before the first training session, take your dog to a cardiologist for a check-up. This is especially true for dogs older than 6 years.

Be sure to take your favorite dog toy with you: it will help to captivate your pet with the game and relieve stress. For the pool, choose bright waterfowl toys, such as Kong Safestix aportiki.

Goodies – “must-have” for training. With their help, you will stimulate and encourage your pet. It is best to take special training treats, such as mini-bones “Mnams”. They are Packed in a convenient container that easily fits in a bag for Goodies or a compact backpack.

Products for bathing and grooming.

Before diving into the pool, the dog is washed with special products according to the type of hair: shampoo and conditioner. After bathing, the dog is rinsed, if necessary, again apply shampoo and balm and thoroughly dry. To quickly put the wool in order after bathing, you can use a special spray for combing.

Life hack! If the dog often visits the pool, then for additional protection of the coat and skin from over-drying, treat the wool with ISB products before and after bathing. Mix a small amount of Iv San Bernard K101 and a few drops of Iv San Bernard Sil Plus with hot water and spray on the wool and skin as a spray. The result is guaranteed!

Why does a dog need a pool?
How to prepare for the lesson?
– Pre-assemble a bag with the necessary things.

– Do not feed your pet for 2-3 hours before training.

– Before training, walk the dog so that nothing bothers her during training.

As you can see, nothing complicated!

We hope that your pet will enjoy the lessons and there will be no lack of physical activity in his life.


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