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Why does the dog limp?
Did the dog start limping? Unfortunately, this happens often. Sometimes the cause is on the surface: an injury, a splinter in the foot, or a recent injection. And sometimes the…

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5 simple steps for proper grooming
Why is it important to take care of your pet's hair correctly? So that its appearance is always neat? Not only. Proper care is also a guarantee of health. Inappropriate…

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Calm, just calm. The method of training the dog to calm attitude to passers - by, cyclists and passing cars.
For sure, many dog breeders are faced with such a frequent problem as excessive" love " of the pet to catch cyclists, chase cars or bite the heels of running…

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How to choose a veterinary clinic and veterinarian?

Imagine that each pet would have a competent and responsive veterinarian attached to it, along with a modern clinic with the latest equipment. How many problems would be solved then! But in reality, finding a good clinic and a competent veterinarian is the task of every responsible owner. Not worry. We will tell you how to do it!
Good health is the Foundation of a happy life. But it is formed not only from the genetic data of the pet and the quality of care for it, but also from regular monitoring of the body’s condition. Unfortunately, most often the veterinarian is contacted when the problem is already there, and this is wrong. Continue reading

The first molt in puppies

When do puppies start shedding? What do they experience? Should there be any change in care during this period? We will discuss it in our article.

The first molt is a crucial period in the puppy’s life, when the child’s fur is completely replaced by an adult’s. Very soon your baby will turn into a beautiful adult dog, and the task of each responsible owner is to facilitate this transformation, to support the growing body. How to help a puppy during molting?

When does the dog start shedding?
The first molt in a puppy occurs after 6 months. Continue reading

What is a handling room?

3 life hacks for those who go to the handling room for the first time
Handling room – what is it? Will it help prepare the dog for the exhibition? And whether it is necessary for dogs that do not participate in exhibitions? We will tell about this in our article.

What is handling and who are handlers?
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How to protect the dog’s paws from reagents?

The reagent saves us from ice, but it also has a downside-especially for dogs. How is the reagent dangerous and how to protect your pet from it?

Walking with your dog in the winter season, you are almost guaranteed to meet with the reagent. Of course, it will protect you from falling on the ice, but, unfortunately, it can also cause health problems. If we step on the reagent with the thick soles of winter boots, the dogs contact it with the pads of their paws. Why is it dangerous? Continue reading

Can I have a dog or cat if I have an Allergy?

What should I do if I have an Allergy, but I really want to have a pet? Are there any hypoallergenic breeds? Is there a chance that the Allergy will go away on its own? Let’s put all the dots over the ” and ” in our article.

Is it possible to have a pet with allergies?
The decision to have a pet should be considered. Before you bring your pet into the house, experts recommend making sure that neither you nor other members of your family are allergic to it. With this approach, the problem disappears by itself. Continue reading

How often do I wash my dog in the fall?
What means for bathing to use? Autumn is a great time. That's just walking with a pet turns into a real test. Before you get out of the house, it's…


EXERCISE 6-Sending the dog to the specified directions; commands "lie down" and " to me» Commands: "Forward", "Stand", "Right / Left"; and / or hand signals ("Stand"), "lie Down", "To…


What is a handling room?
3 life hacks for those who go to the handling room for the first time Handling room – what is it? Will it help prepare the dog for the exhibition?…


Clicker training: tips for beginners, training with a pointer.
Training with a clicker is a type of training with conditional positive reinforcement, implemented by means of an audio signal. The clicker is a special keychain with a clicking button.…