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How often do I wash my dog in the fall?
What means for bathing to use? Autumn is a great time. That's just walking with a pet turns into a real test. Before you get out of the house, it's…

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A bit about small breeds of dogs and their training
When purchasing a puppy, most people realize what problems they will face. At least for the first time. Of course, that any puppy needs in education, housebreaking, dog collars and…

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How to properly punish the dog, beat or not beat-that's the question
Usually this question is faced by many dog owners: what act of a dog can serve as a reason for punishment and how to properly punish a dog? This task…

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Why does a dog’s hair fall out in winter?

Seasonal molting occurs in spring and autumn. But why do many dogs shed in the middle of winter? Why does the wool fall out and fade in the cold? Is it really molting? Or is it something else? We answer these questions in our article.

It is considered that dogs and cats shed twice a year: in autumn and in spring. But in fact, Pets are affected by too many factors that distance them from their wild ancestors. If wolves, for example, do change their hair in the off-season, then a pet can shed absolutely at any time. And sometimes even throughout the year, just molting will not be so pronounced. But is hair loss always a natural shedding? Unfortunately, no. Continue reading

7 main reasons to get a dog

A dog is called a person’s best friend for a reason. Over the centuries, these noble animals have proven their loyalty to us. There are no Pets in the world that are more human-oriented than a dog, and that are able to love as selflessly.

You can list the advantages of dogs endlessly. But we have identified 7 main reasons in favor of these Pets. Here they are!

Top 7 reasons to get a dog
A faithful companion
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5 simple steps for proper grooming

Why is it important to take care of your pet’s hair correctly? So that its appearance is always neat? Not only. Proper care is also a guarantee of health. Inappropriate care products and incorrect procedures (grooming, washing) can lead to hair loss and dermatological diseases. To avoid this, you need to remember 5 simple steps. Let’s go.
You need to wash it. Even the most domestic!
Even if your pet never leaves the apartment or travels exclusively on handles, it still needs to be bathed periodically. Pets get dirty, exploring hard-to-reach places of the apartment, collect dust, we bring pollution into the house on outerwear… Continue reading

Why does a dog need a gym and a swimming pool?

Until recently, gyms and pools for dogs were perceived as a newfangled excess. But it seems so only at first glance. In the rhythm of megacities, with the eternal lack of free time, the remoteness of areas for walking and bad weather, special complexes for training with dogs significantly simplify life. In our article, we will talk more about the benefits of exercise equipment and a pool for Pets and help you prepare for the first lesson. Continue reading

The most non-dominant dogs

A dog is fine, but the fur throughout the apartment is not very good. It not only complicates cleaning and “refills” all the food on the table, but also provokes allergic reactions. That’s why “non-dominant” dog breeds are so popular today. But let’s see, do dogs really exist without molting? And what breeds to pay attention to if the difficulties with wool are not yours?

Are there dogs that don’t shed?
Non-compliant dogs are a myth. That’s news, isn’t it? In the world, there are simply no dogs that do not shed at all, because updating the coat is a completely natural and normal process. Continue reading

The dog training command "Fu", "SIC", "Barrier"
In order for the dog to pick up and bring the item to the owner, work out the command "Aport", which means-take, grab, give. This is a very important team…


Training a dog to overcome obstacles
We will overcome everything on our way! When training a dog, considerable attention should be paid to the ability to overcome obstacles. After all, teaching this dog, you will not…


Clicker training: tips for beginners, training with a pointer.
Training with a clicker is a type of training with conditional positive reinforcement, implemented by means of an audio signal. The clicker is a special keychain with a clicking button.…


Why does a dog's hair fall out in winter?
Seasonal molting occurs in spring and autumn. But why do many dogs shed in the middle of winter? Why does the wool fall out and fade in the cold? Is…