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What is a handling room?
3 life hacks for those who go to the handling room for the first time Handling room – what is it? Will it help prepare the dog for the exhibition?…

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Dog training commands "Near", "To me", "Sit", "Lie", " Stand"
What does "competent" dog mean? Yes, just trained. A dog is a friend of a person, but who is happy to have a stupid friend? It is necessary to train…

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7 main reasons to get a dog
A dog is called a person's best friend for a reason. Over the centuries, these noble animals have proven their loyalty to us. There are no Pets in the world…

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A bit about small breeds of dogs and their training

When purchasing a puppy, most people realize what problems they will face. At least for the first time. Of course, that any puppy needs in education, housebreaking, dog collars and leashes, proper and good behavior. In a situation with large and medium-sized breeds of dogs, no one is surprised by the desire of the breeder to resort to the help of a professional in matters of training. But almost all surprised if that question arises among the owners of small breeds.

Many people are mistaken when they think that small dogs are only capable of circus training. For some reason, it is considered that if small, then it means fragile. Take, for example, the Welsh Corgi cardigan. The site is All about Corgi! Continue reading

Types of equipment for training dogs

A Playground with training equipment is the best way to train your pet. It makes it possible to develop the animal’s desire to win.

The training equipment consists of a set of obstacles placed sequentially. They differ in parameters and angle of inclination, each is designed for a specific breed of dog, you can order such equipment on the website of the company “Vivana”.

According to the rules of cynology, training shells and equipment are contact and non-contact.
Contact and non-contact training with their complex implementation will help the animal to develop thinking, body plasticity, will encourage to overcome obstacles and cultivate a sense of self-confidence. Continue reading

How dogs are taught to look for drugs and explosives

Dogs have a very sharp nose, and their sense of smell is 50 times sharper than a human’s. They can smell the right object for several kilometers. Hunters take a dog on a hunt to look for shot prey, sniffer dogs help in the search for missing people. Dogs that help detect drugs and explosives are specially trained.

The dog reports the find in two ways:

– passive: if you found what you needed, sit down or stand next to the detected item;

– active: in the place where she found the desired substance, digs the ground or other surface. This method can be used to detect drugs, but when searching for explosives, it is not suitable – the dog is in danger. Continue reading

My favorite Russian toy Terrier

These small, cute and elegant dogs of the Russian toy Terrier breed become a full-fledged part of the family as soon as they cross the threshold of the house. Animals immediately have their appearance, because they look like a small toy. Dogs of this breed do not let their owners get bored at home. They are kind, active, and mischievous. For some features of breeding and cultivation, they are called pied pipers. But, before you get yourself a Russian toy Terrier, you need to learn more about the characteristics of the dog’s character and the necessary nuances for caring for it.

The history of the origin of this Terrier originates from the times of medieval England. Then the task of the dog was the extermination of rats and mice, with which they coped perfectly. Looking at them, it is difficult to imagine that these decorative dogs are hunters. Continue reading

Games and puppy training

From the owner, in the first place, of course, depends on what kind of dog will grow-obedient and loyal, or insidious egoist, which directs all its intelligence on how to outwit the owner.

What can often be found in real life? For example, a puppy was taken from its parents at the age of 1-2 months. For various reasons, the new owners do not know how to play with the dog correctly or do not understand the importance of this particular direction for the full physical and mental, intellectual development of a young, untrained dog. Attempts to bite the puppy’s native owners are suppressed quite harshly. Either the owners are trying to buy off their Pets with the number of toys. Continue reading

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Why does a dog need a gym and a swimming pool?
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