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New Clients
At Kendall Valley Kennels, our first consideration is the dogs staying with us. We know first hand, that boarding isn’t the best solution for all dogs who need care when their human family can’t be around for them. And we never want to have a dog come visit us that will not be happy in a boarding situation. For that reason, we take the time to schedule a Get Acquainted Visit for you and your dog to come visit us. 


During the Get Acquainted Visit, your dog will get to meet us. That’s always a good thing because no one wants to stay with a complete stranger. While the dog is visiting, we do all your paperwork and explain to you how boarding at Kendall Valley Kennels works. Because we want to do all we can to keep your dog healthy, we require your dog be update to date and fully vaccinated for Distemper Combo, Parvo, Bordatella and Rabies. And of course, we do not board sick dogs. We believe sick dogs need to stay with a vet where they can get emergency care immediately if needed.

If you are serious about your dog staying with us, please contact us to make arrangements for us to meet your dog as soon as possible. We want to be here to help you.


Get Acquainted Visits are Easy
Our Get Acquainted Visit Appointments are scheduled for Tuesdays and Thursdays and fill up very quickly.
Please plan ahead.

1. Make sure your dog is up to date on all Vaccinations.
(Distemper Combo, Parvo, Bordetella and Rabies)

2. Call to Make your Get Acquainted Visit Appointment at least 1 week - 1 month prior to your boarding date. Remember, reservations fill up very early during Summer Vacation Season and Holidays.

3. Come to your Get Acquainted Visit with the dog you plan to board and a written copy of your dog's vaccination record from a local vet.

Call for an Appointment 704-982-0322

We Board Happy, Healthy Dogs, that are free of fleas and ticks and are easy to handle.

 We do not board sick dogs, dogs with Separation Anxiety, or dogs that need to be medicated.


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