7 main reasons to get a dog
A dog is called a person's best friend for a reason. Over the centuries, these noble animals have proven their loyalty to us. There are no Pets in the world…

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Why does the dog limp?
Did the dog start limping? Unfortunately, this happens often. Sometimes the cause is on the surface: an injury, a splinter in the foot, or a recent injection. And sometimes the…

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Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard: circus dog training
Circus training, at first glance, may seem like an exciting and fun game between the owner and his dog. This is how it should look from the outside. In fact,…

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EXERCISE 6-Sending the dog to the specified directions; commands “lie down” and ” to me»

Commands: “Forward”, “Stand”, “Right / Left”; and / or hand signals (“Stand”), “lie Down”, “To me”.

Execution: the Dog is sent to the signal cone (small size, preferably in a half circle), about 10 meters from the starting point. Then it is given the command “stand”, which it must perform at this signal cone. The dog must be in this position inside the corresponding circle of 2 meter radius drawn around the signal cone. After about 3 seconds, the trainer directs the dog to the 3 m x 3 m platform, which is approximately 25 meters from the starting point. Continue reading


International competitions S. A. C. I. OB

I Rules on participation, management and judging

II Practical activities (preparations) and equipment

III jury Decision

IV General provisions and guidelines for performing and evaluating competitive exercises

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Training of dogs

Perhaps each of us once in childhood dreamed of a dog. In fact, a dog is not only a loyal friend, but also a lot of new problems. After all, a dog usually has a large size and takes up a certain amount of space. In addition, the dog needs feeding, care, it needs to be walked, taken to the vet and trained. About how to train a dog now you can read a lot of interesting articles. Training a dog is not easy. And you need to treat it with great responsibility.

So, when a dog appears in your home, you must come up with a name for it, that is, a nickname. You can decide for yourself what your dog’s name will be. Of course, if the puppy is thoroughbred, then you do not have to come up with a new nickname for it, since the name will be indicated in the relevant documents. Continue reading

How to wean a dog from running after cars? Training of dogs
How to wean a dog from running after cars? The animal's habit of chasing moving objects is quite dangerous. Often these Pets get seriously injured or die under the wheels.…


Puppy and toilet: the first lessons of personal hygiene
All people who have decided on a bold act to have a pet in the face of a cute and fluffy puppy should understand the seriousness and responsibility of such…


How often do I wash my dog in the fall?
What means for bathing to use? Autumn is a great time. That's just walking with a pet turns into a real test. Before you get out of the house, it's…


Double teeth in dogs
During the first year of life, the puppy's milk teeth are completely replaced by permanent ones. Usually the dog has an "adult" set of teeth by 7 months. But sometimes…